Montag, 25. März 2013


1.UAV's used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes/Watchkeeper and others that are armed with missiles and bombs for targeting purposes, also used to eliminate terrorist suspects in America's 'global war' on terror. Drones are either remotely controlled from the ground, via satellite, and increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. With the convergence of other technologies it may even be possible machine recognation of faces, behaviours and the monitoring of individual conversations.The development of unmanned combat air vehicles/UCAV's with stealth technology to avoid detection is increasing. Civil use of drones is seen as a potentially huge and lucrative market. Israel is the world's leading exporter of drones - Israel Aviation Industry/Heron and Elbit Systems/Hermes. Important U.S. drone producers and suppliers - General Atomics/ Reaper and Predator, Northrop Grumman/Global Hawk, Lockheed Martin/Sentinel, Beechcraft/Streaker and Skeeter, Boeing/X-45. Scope and speed of unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV's/UAS's) development in China for its military and for sale around the world at low prices is called 'alarming' by U.S. defence analysts, retaining Israel and the U.S. still a substantial lead in the UAV field - China drones spottet in the International Aviation Show in Zhuhai - Aviation Industry Corporation of China/Wing Loong and Xianglong, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corpration/CH-3, stealthy CH-4, Chengdu Aircraft Corporation and Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corparation/Soaring Eagle development moving forward. China plans to set up 11 UAV bases until 2015. Other nations developing drones: Britain - BAE Systems/Taranis, Bulgaria - developing stealthy Armstechno Niti, France - Dassault/nEUROn, Germany/Spain - Barracuda project, India - Defence Research & Development Organisation/Rustom and stealthy Aura, Iran - Shahed 129, Karrar and stealthy Sofreh Mahi in development, Pakistan - National Engineering and Scientific Commission and Pakistan Air Force/Burraq, Russia - Mikoyan/Skat, South Africa - Denel Dynamics/Seeker 400, Turkey - Turkish Aerospace Industries/Anka, UAE - Adcom Systems/United 40.
2.Producing and deploying fully autonomous weapon systems - military killer robots.

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